First time trying White Water Rafting in Bali? These 3 Points You Must Know First!

Bali is famous as a world-class tourist destination. It has enchanting natural charms, followed by various cultures and traditions that make local and foreign tourists feel at home.

Among the various types of tourism offered, one of the rides that capture the attention of tourists is its rafting activities. Bali has no doubt its expertise in providing amazing water tours.

For those of you who have never tried white water rafting in Bali before, don’t be confused and worried! Here it is 3 things you must know first!

1. What Is White Water Rafting?

For those of you who want quality moments on your vacation with the closest people, this white water rafting is worth trying! You will get not only an interesting adrenaline rush but also an enjoyment of teamwork.

But is it safe? Sure!

Don’t be afraid because Bali’s water rafting has been in line with the International River Difficulty Scale for more than 20 years ago when it was first conceived by Sobek river rafting Bali.

You also do not need to be afraid of the price, because the water rafting is usually offered in packages that are budget-friendly, such as discounted packages offered by Sobek river rafting Bali.

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2. The 3 Best Rivers For Rafting

Not all rivers in Bali match with the standards for water rafting. Three rivers already have a guarantee for this activity, are Melangit River, Ayung River, and Telaga Waja River.

But if you want to experience adventure in two places at the same time, the only white water rafting service provider that does it is Sobek river rafting Bali, which gives access to feel the adventure of rafting on the Ayung River and Telaga Waja River!

3. What Should Be Prepared For Water Rafting?

There are several things that you must provide when you want to do water rafting in Bali :

a. Use comfortable clothes, don’t let it bother your fun time. Wear clothes that are made of light and not too thick, because later the absorption of water will continue to stick to your body while playing or afterward.

b. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. After playing water, you should immediately change your clothes so that they don’t get windy and ruin the holidays.

c. Prepare sandals or shoes, which you will use to wander the rafting area. Surely you need to taste the food in the restaurant and see the Balinese souvenirs provided right? A slippery state and lots of small stones can hurt your feet if you walk barefoot.

d. Secure valuables, such as jewelry, gadgets, etc. Don’t bring it in while playing. Because it could be carried away. For those of you who bring a camera, make sure it is safe because rafting activities certainly won’t be the same as walking around the mall.

So, are you ready for a water vacation in Bali??

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