Bali White River Rafting Places You Can Visit

Bali white river rafting is definitely something that you should consider doing if you ever visit this paradise island. Bali is filled with so many outdoor adventures and tours such as ATV riding, elephant ride, and a lot of watersport choices.

One of the most popular adventures that you can explore in Bali is white river rafting. White river rafting is a watersport adventure that lets you enjoy the beautiful white-water river while having fun rafting with your family and friends.

In this article, we are going to tell you places in Bali where you can have a white river rafting adventure. While there are three main white rivers in Bali, only two white rivers are commonly used as a place to go rafting. Those places are the Ayung river and the Telaga Waja river.

Bali White River rafting in Ayung River Ubud

The first place you can do a Bali white river rafting is the Ayung river that is located in Ubud. This rafting spot is one of the best white rivers in Bali that you can visit while you are on a vacation. The Ayung River is quite long, allowing you to get a 10 kilometers route of rafting. You will spend about one and a half to two hours rafting in this river.

The best thing about rafting in this river is that it is perfect for beginners because it is not too extreme. You will also be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery that this river offers. The Ayung River rafting Bali is definitely an experience that you need to get.

Sobek Rafting Telaga Waja

Bali White River rafting in Telaga Waja River Karangasem

The next popular white river to go rafting on is the Telaga Waja river that is located in Karangasem. This river is relatively longer than the Ayung river. It has a length of 16 kilometers and the duration of your rafting will be approximately 2.5 hours.

The Telaga Waja river rafting experience is considered more thrilling and adventurous compared to the Ayung river rafting. It will also be a very refreshing rafting experience since this white river is far away from the city, therefore making it pollution-free.

White river rafting is an experience that you must try at least once in your life. If you are thinking about where to go on your next vacation, Bali is probably the spot for you. This island is the perfect place for you to go on your rafting adventure. The Bali white river rafting is an experience that you will never forget.

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