What to Do in Bali – River Rafting in Bali

River rafting in Bali has become a fun activity to do during the holiday season. On the other hand, Bali offers a bunch of beaches so you can just chill and enjoy your day. However, if beaches are not your jam then you may try some adventure like Bali adventure tours rafting. There are many agencies offer a tour package for river rafting and if you are going with a group then it is better to look for a package that suits you.


Until today, at least there are three rivers in Bali that have become the circuit to do the river rafting. They are such as Ayung River, Telaga Waja, and Siap River for doing Bali Canyon Tubing. Sometimes people also come to Melangit River but the river is kind of more challenging, which requires a higher level of skill from the players.

River rafting in Bali can be touted as one of the great ways to taste the real Bali. You can immerse yourself with nature along with different excitements you will face on each bend you will pass. You will be carried by an inflatable raft through the lush rainforest located in the central highland of Bali. Of course, the thrills will come along with you since the first time you step on the raft. Other than that, you have a chance to see rare flora and fauna directly.

If you want to get the regular white river rafting Bali then you can try Ayung River. This is where most companies of rafting tours operate in Bali. However, if you want something more challenging then you can go to the Telaga Waja, considering it offers a 14 km course of rafting. Another fun experience is provided by Bali Canyon Tubing where you will ride an inflatable raft according to the size of your body.

Ayung River Rafting in Bali

river rafting in bali
Ayung river rafting

Ayung River Rafting Ubud is where most people head in for their first rafting experience. The tour offers an exciting yet thrilling day out at the white water rafting adventure scene on the island is introduced for the first time in Bali. Ayung River is basically the longest yet largest river in Bali and you can get a lot of things to see during your rafting experience.

Ayung River is basically about 75km long. This is why different water rafting operators would take different starting points as well. Some of them start at the Petang village that will require one hour of driving from Denpasar. Some of them also start at the north side of Campuhan, where you will pass a bat cave on the road. As we have mentioned earlier, this activity will allow you to know more about Bali’s real natural beauty.

There are two types of classes in Ayung River Rafting, class II and class III. Each class has a different water level that will bring out a different experience as well. Still, all types are suitable for any kind of rafting experience of the rafters. Also, you will be accompanied by one guide during the whole tour.

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Telaga Waja Rafting

Telaga Waja Rafting is located on the east side of Bali. People love the class III and class IV rapid rafting which will be really suitable if you are looking for something adventurous with a moderate difficulty level. Other than that, you will see and witness a lot of natural and cultural highlights during the whole 14km course of rafting. This tour would be a perfect family tour or a group tour. Also, enjoy the green valley and fresh mountain air of Rendang village along with occasional sightings of exotic birds.

If you want to join the tour, you need to drive for two hours from Kuta and Denpasar considering the location is in the Karangasem regency. Telaga Waja itself means steel pond in Balinese and it refers to as a steady flow of hot lava as the resemblance of molten steel from the Mount Agung eruption in the past. Telaga Waja can be touted as the most challenging river course across the island.

There are various tour companies operate along the river and they always have different starting points. In general, you need to start early at 10 am at Rendang village. You need to pass through narrow and steep stairs to read the valley from the main road. One inflatable raft can only cover as many as four people and the operator will give you a set of equipment.

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Bali Canyon Tubing

Talking about the best rafting in Bali, it will not be completed if we do not include Bali Canyon Tubing as well. It offers a unique ride with an inflatable raft down to a small stream. The best part is that you will not miss any nature scenery in the Payangan as part of central Bali highlands. Your raft is only yours and you do not need any paddle because you will literally go by the flow. Still, you will get a helmet and life vest before the adventure is started.

The river you will be adventuring on is the Siap stream and the adventure begins from the Kerta village. From that area, you can see the rural and idyllic Balinese farming neighborhood near the main Ubud hub. Also, enjoy the fresh and cool mountain air and natural scenes along a 40 km course. You should be ready about some rocky plunges after all.

It is important to know that the Payangan rainforest is home to various different kinds of tropical plants, exotic animals, and birds. If you have a chance to spot a group or gray macaques along your journey then you are very lucky. Sometimes, you will also witness a kingfisher swoop down on fish a few meters in front of your eyes. Do not worry because a guide will be your company during the ride and the guide will tell you any interesting aspect of what you see during the course.

We will say that you need to join on a tour of river rafting in Bali for different experience during your holiday on the island, no matter which course you will choose.


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