Things to Do in Seminyak, Bali

From Seminyak to white water rafting might be one of the many things you can do once you are in Seminyak. Seminyak is one of the most stylish suburbs in Bali with stylish beach-side. You can easily find buzzing beach clubs, shopping centers where you can find anything, and top-class restaurants on the island. So, if this is your first time landing on this suburb, we have a guide to enjoy the whole area.

Things to Do in Seminyak, Bali 2

Walking Down the Streets

We will say that Seminyak is not the most comfortable place to walk around. The buzzing, the traffic, and anything you will find on the street will make you want to get back to your hotel as soon as possible. If you are lucky, you will get information about Seminyak white water rafting at the souvenir shops. You should go there if you want to get the adrenaline rush after all.


Eating at the Beach

April in Seminyak will expose you with the extreme heat. You do not want to be outside for long after all. However, this suburb has tons of beach restaurants that provide top-notch menus. You should be careful about choosing the restaurant, after all, considering the menu could be very average but overpriced. Still, chilling in the beach restaurant during the summer in Seminyak is a good thing.

Drinking at the Beach Bar

Other than restaurants, Seminyak is home for tons of beach bars. The most popular is the Potato Head. It is a nice place but you will hardly find a seat during the holiday season. The place is nice but the drink price is a bit overpriced. Still, the place is very nice for lounging and chilling.

Alila Seminyak Beach
Alila Seminyak Beach sunset view

Sunsets in Seminyak

If you want to witness the sunset in Seminyak, you can simply sit on a beach club even though you can hardly find a seat. You can go swimming but the water is not as clean as other beaches in Uluwatu. However, if you want to get something more challenging and rushing your adrenaline, you should find out about Telaga Waja rafting Bali.

Telaga Waja River is one of a few rivers in Bali that can be used for rafting. Many people prefer to go to Telaga Waja River because it provides a longer track and a more adventurous route. It may take one hour from Seminyak to Telaga Waja River by a motorbike or car. You can simply get information about Seminyak white water rafting.


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