Why People Love Ayung River Rafting Location

One of the most popular traveler’s destinations in Bali is the Ayung river rafting location. You might wonder why it is as popular as it is. Well, we are going to tell you the reasons for their popularity. Bali is an island that tourists love to visit.

There are a lot of attractions that this island has. You can name almost anything from beaches, Safari park, elephant ride, ATV ride, waterbom park, and white river rafting. There are not any outdoor adventures that you can not do in Bali.

You can have the recreational getaway that you are dying for with your family and friends.

White river rafting has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bali. There are a few rivers that you can go rafting on in this island such as Ayung River, Melangit river, and Telaga Waja river.

Ayung river is probably the most popular because of the fact that it is located in Ubud, an area where a lot of tourists usually stay. But that is not the only reason why it is so popular. Here are the various reasons why the Ayung river is loved by so many.

Ayung River rafting location suits everyone

Ayung river rafting location is one of the people’s favorites because of how inclusive it is. This river has relatively calm waters and turns that are quite manageable. Other than that, the streams in this river are not too extreme. Everyone from all ages can enjoy rafting in this river together, even children as young as 9 and elderly as old as 65. You will get the best Ayung river rafting Bali experience in this place.

Ayung rafting Bali

Ayung River rafting location has breathtaking scenery

Another reason why the Ayung river is a fan’s favorite is because of the beautiful view it offers. The water is clear as crystal and you will pass through rainforests, rice fields, carved stones, and even waterfalls. Your mind will definitely be refreshed after seeing those beautiful natural landscapes that this river has to offer.

Looking for a great photo opportunity? Ayung River rafting location is photogenic.

If you are having the best vacation of your life, you surely want to treasure that moment forever. The guides that will accompany you while rafting in the Ayung river will give you the chance to take pictures in the river to capture the moment where you are having the time of your life. You should go rafting in the morning in order to get better lighting for better photos.

Rafting is an activity that you must do if you ever visit Bali. Ayung river might be the perfect place for you to do it. That is why people love the Ayung river rafting location.

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