4 Benefits of Rafting Bali Telaga Waja

What are the benefits of rafting Bali Telaga Waja? Professional rafters tend to prefer Talaga Waja River to other rivers in Bali since it is indeed more challenging. Meanwhile, the landscape is also still more natural as it is located in a rural area. Of course, to support this activity, there are many providers available around.

The prices offered are relatively more affordable without ignoring the qualities. Some benefits should also be taken notes. What are they?

The Longest Route in Bali

Telaga Waja River has the longest route in Bali with a length of 16 km. With the route, you need approximately 2.5 hours to finish it. However, the time period also depends on the stream of the river that is different from time to time. Sure, the performance of rafting groups also determines whether it takes a longer or shorter time.

4 Benefits of Rafting Bali Telaga Waja 1

Fewer Stairs

To reach the river, the rafters may need to walk distantly. Some rivers also provide stairs where they need to walk down and start the rafting activity. This is really tiring anyway before you start to do the main activity here.

Interestingly, the distance between the Telaga Waja starting point is not too far from the base camp or parking area. To reach this Telaga Waja rafting Bali, it only needs a few minutes. Then, you can go down to the water immediately.

Magnificent Rural Few

Compared to other rivers that are commonly surrounded by forests or villas, the view offered by rafting Bali Telaga Waja is a little bit different. There are local villages around with all the traditional residences and farming areas. The nuance of the tropical landscape can be simply seen here. Besides, many natural waterfalls are all around where you can take some pictures with your friends. They are really Instagrammable. The water along the river is also really clear. When the stream is not too hard, you can even see what has been on the bottom of the river.

Professional Crews and Staff

It is known that the difficulty levels of Telaga Waja are starting from II to IV. It makes the providers put more efforts to improve safety and security. Despite providing qualified safety equipment, there are also guides to help you in any situation. You should not worry since the guides are really professional and experienced in term of rafting.

Sure, you still need to be careful and follow the instructions given for a better rafting experience. So, are you interested in rafting Bali Telaga Waja?

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