Special Things that You Get in Rafting Telaga Waja Bali

For those who want to experience something unforgettable in Bali, you can try white water rafting Bali package. One of the white water rafting packages is rafting Telaga Waja Bali. Before trying this rafting, it is better to know the detail and what makes this rafting different from any other rafting.

White Water Rafting

Rafting in Telaga Waja Bali is known as a white water rafting. This is because you are about to do rafting in clean and clear water just like crystal in Telaga Waja. That’s why the location is the first choice to get the most unforgettable rafting in Bali, especially when you are spending time in Ubud.

rafting bali telaga waja

The Longest Rafting Route

The clean and crystal clear water is not the only special part of Telaga Waja but you are also about to feel the sensation of rafting in the longest route. When you are joining rafting Telaga Waja Bali, you are about to pass through approximately 16 km long. Actually, you have to spend time for 2.5 to 3 hours to reach the finish line along with level III-IV class rafting.

Amazing Scenery

Besides enjoying the rafting route, you are also about to enjoy the amazing scenery. In 2.5 to 3 hours rafting, your eyes will see the natural beauty of rice paddies, rocks, cliff, and mountain valleys. Even, you also have a chance to see the Balinese villagers who do their daily activity.

Delicious Food

You need more energy whether before and after rafting. Because of that, you need to eat food before and after the rafting. Joining Telaga Waja rafting in Bali is also a great opportunity to taste delicious Indonesian food as well as the local Balinese flavor.

Expert Rafting Guide

Despite the route, rafting is considered as an extreme sport. You need to know the basic knowledge first before doing it. For a more safety rafting, you need to accompanied and guided by an expert rafting guide. In the case of this package, the rafting guide knows well the rafting route at Telaga Waja so they know what to teach to the newbie or beginner rafters. The professional rafting guide explains all about the things you must prepare before rafting.

Due to the benefits you get, it is better to use a trusted and professional travel agency. Speaking of that, you can use the service offered by Bali Rafting Adventure. We are a professional and trusted agency which offers rafting Telaga Waja Bali package. Just check our package and get ready to feel the most unforgettable rafting experience in Bali.

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