Check for Best Price and Condition of Rafting in Ayung River

How much is rafting cost in Ayung River? Bali is not only told about unique cultures and beautiful beaches that you can find here. There are so many places that you can visit when you are visiting Bali such as rivers.

Ayung River is one of the three most popular rivers in Bali, especially for rafting activity. Other rivers such as Melangit in Klungkung Regency and Telaga Waja River in Karangasem District.

Ayung River in Bali was situated in Ubud – means that this river is pretty close with other tourist destinations in Bali.

How is the condition in Ayung River?

This river was very popular as the Bali rafting destination in Ubud. it only takes around 10 kilometers from the center culture site in Ubud such as traditional market and Ubud Castle.

Since anything was located in the same location, you do not need to spend too much time on the road while you want to visit another destination. This river has pretty clear water and surrounded by the lush forest and green bushes which make this area just so refreshing to heal your stress.

In the river area, there are several exciting spots during your trip here, such as beautiful waterfalls. The cliff with the height around 4 meters can be found here where you can jump off and splashing here.

If you are excited to take rest for a while, then there are some resorts and villas available here with different prices and classes as well.

Check for Best Price and Condition of Rafting in Ayung River 2

How does it cost? 

The cost of the Ayung river rafting takes around USD 50 each person. But, it can be so varied depending on your tour providers. Generally, if you do the online booking in advance, then you can get some discounts available.

You can get an affordable price by taking a tour package where Ayung river rafting is one of the best places that you have to visit. So, if you really want to try it, just find out your date now.

Here several things to prepare 

Before your trip in Ayung River, it’s highly recommended to prepare all gears and equipment from home. If you love rafting so much, then it should not a big deal for you.

But, you are also able to rent gears and tools from the stalls surround this area. however, this is very important to be careful and being picky is necessary since the cost can be so expensive. Ayung River in Bali can be your best recommendation.


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