Great Things You will Find in Ayung Water Rafting

Ayung white river is one of the most popular activities when travelers come to this beautiful Bali Island. You should know that water sports or activities cannot be done in the ocean or beaches in Bali. Even you can get the best water sports experience in the river, it can give you an incredible experience.

Rafting is a famous water sport that you can do in the river. You can try rafting in Bali, precisely in Ayung river. If you wonder about the river conditions, you can check Ayung river rafting review below.

The beautiful view of Ayung River

Ayung water raft is very popular since there this is so ideal for the rafting activity, but also you can enjoy the beautiful insight here. along the river, there is a relief comes from Ramayana Story which you need to capture in your camera.

Meanwhile, the green bushes in the river banks will make your trip here feels more refreshing and interesting. During the cliff walls, you can find the resorts and villas are built in this location. You should not worry since these views will make the river looks prettier.

Ayung River rafting Bali

How about the track in Ayung river?

The starting rafting point in this river was located in Badung District, Bali. this area is not too far away from the Monkey Forest called Sangeh located around 4 kilometers. For your information, this rafting activity will take around 3 kilometers.

Then, your track will end in Ubud and this river has the length around 9 kilometers. To get into the starting point, you have to walk so that your energy will be drawn out here. Thus, it is better to come to the base camp earlier and walk into the river casually. You have to bring your paddle and all stuff for rafting.

The difficulty levels of rafting in Ayung River

At least there are around three levels of difficulty where you can meet in this beautiful river. But, you should not feel too worried at this point since Ayung River is still in the first level means that the currents are not too strong and the path is not too rocky.

This river has the recreational details – means that this river is relatively good and secure for beginners for those who do not have any rafting experience.  You can find the rafting guides and gears to be rent here.

For your safety, a professional rafting guide is included. Check for Ayung river rafting review.


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