Things to Know about Sobek Rafting Bali

This is actually the pioneer of white water rafting that you can find in Bali along with more 20 years experience. It can be said that Sobek water rafting Bali was considered as the adventure expert which offers you with exciting adventures visiting two beautiful rivers like Ayung River and Telaga Waja River.

The dedication of Sobek to the clients make this service like the popular adventure business and chosen by more than 80 percent of Bali tour agents. You should not feel worried since your safety is a 100 percent guarantee.

Firstly, Sobek Rafting offers you three choices of rafting activities here at the special price that you can consider. The packages come from the classic rate for 2 hours, the light rate for 1 hour and Sobek Telaga Waja Rafting for 2 hours.

You can choose the best package based on your need.

Choosing classic water rafting in Ayung River

Two-hour rafting option bringing you to explore the Ayung River for 2 hours which is visually incredible and more enjoyable and always ensure that you are secure since the rafting company using the safest gears for your explore or tour here.

The combination between breathtaking sight, wild excitement, sightseeing and informative will make the visitors in any age feel comfortable.

When you passing the most stunning views in Bali, Ayung River gives you different sensation come from when you push out of the river banks. Enjoy your Bali rafting throughout the deep valleys with beautiful waterfalls combined with the towering cliffs come from the prehistoric which is also essential as you switch between class II and class III.

You will stretch into the tropical forest smoothly, and you can see the Balinese Hindu Temples which decorated brightly during the prayer days.

Things to Know about Sobek Rafting Bali 2

Choosing light water rafting in Ayung river

If you have a limited budget, but you still want to get best safety level, then this package is perfect for you. it offers you with the same excitement and good gears such as regular rafting that it takes only one hour. It also perfects to combine the rafting tour with other activities, such as trekking, cycling or even exploring Ubud.

Choosing classic water rafting in Telaga Waja River 

This package will help you to feel relax and it also meets with the same security level and service as you can get in Sobek Ayung River. The exciting tour starts in the foothills of Mount Agung. To complete your visit here, choosing Sobek water rafting Bali.

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