Knowing These Tips Before Try Ayung Rafting

Do you exciting to try rafting in Bali? if you land in this article then the answer is yes. Rafting is an exciting activity but also challenging at the same. It does not only need courage when you do it, but you also need to know several things or details first to avoid any bad thing occurs.

Ayung river rafting booking is still considered as the recreational river where you can spend your best time with family or friends here.

It means that this river is relatively safe and it’s highly recommended for the beginners. However, there are several tips to do rafting in this river. Check them below.

Prepare your physical condition

Ensure that you are in a healthy condition to do rafting. Even, you also need to warm up your body for a few days before you rafting day. Keep in mind that you will deal with water for a few hours which make you easier to prone to cold or other health issues. Meanwhile, your arms should be strong enough to paddle your rubber boat along the river.

Knowing These Tips Before Try Ayung Rafting 1

What do you wear?

If you want to get the best rafting experience in Bali, its recommended to wear a comfortable shirt and shorts. Of course, you can consider wearing strappy sandals as your most convenience footwear.

If you do not bring that home from home, you can purchase them. besides that, there is a place to rent some equipment such as clothes around Ayung River. You need to prepare or rent other safety gears such as clothes and safety helmet. For those gears, it is also better to rent them unless if you have them.

Your seating arrangement

You have to seat in the edges of the boat – means that you are not allowed to sit in the middle part of the boat. It makes you easier to balance your body. In one boat, usually, there are six to eight persons. Basically, you can decide whether you want to sit in the left or right side.

When choosing your seating, keep in mind that it relates to how you will paddle your boat. Learning how to paddle is very important. Of course, you should not hurt anyone during this fun activity using a paddle.

What do if your boat upside down?

There are several places where your river could be upside down. But, you should not feel worried since it should be like that. If you want to get the best experience, Ayung river rafting booking can be your best solution.

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