Challenging Experience with Melangit River Water Rafting

Melangit River rafting is one of the best rafting destinations in Bali located in Bakas Village, Klungkung. This rafting destination only takes around one-hour driving from International Airport. For those who have tried rafting in Telaga Waja River or Ayung River, then this Melangit River can be your last option to explore the rafting destinations in Bali. of course, Melangit river rafting Bali can be your best option.

Where is Melangit River?

As mentioned before that Melangit River was located in Bakas Village, Klungkung Regency. There are more than 30 rapids along with the height around 1 to 4 meters. You will see the fast currents, turning river and sensations of river walls which are so thrilling and make your trip here feel more exciting.

Your adventure here will heal your stress and make you fresh again. with so many thrilling rapids along with amazing river view, you will feel that your journey here is too short. You only need to take a short walk from the parking area to reach the river and the rafting trip takes around 90 to 120 minutes to include the break time as well.

Challenging Experience with Melangit River Water Rafting 2

Melangit River Rafting

Melangit area offers you incredible scenery which should be unforgettable. The weather is very cold so that the water tends to have a lower temperature. You should know that this place was well-known as the best place to refresh or hang out with your family or friends.

Melangit River is one of the best rafting destinations in Bali Island and this river has a length around 7.5 km. It was surrounded by the lush rainforest and green bushes which calming down your stress. This river does not have too many stones and the stream is not too difficult as well. it means that you can enjoy the rafting safely, even you are still a beginner.

Instead of enjoying beautiful scenery here, you can see the daily activities by locals here. Most of them working as sellers, farmers and so on. To get to Melangit river, you need to reach Klungkung Regency first, there are many tour agents offer you with Melangit Packages with various prices.

As mentioned before that Melangit River considered as one of the most thrilling streams for rafting in Bali, then at least you have enough experience. So, if you looking for more adventurous and challenging destination along with fresh air and less polluted water with preserved green area, then this melangit river rafting Bali is perfect for you.


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