Best and Amazing Rivers for Rafting in Bali

Trying water activities in Bali become something that many travelers were looking for when they have a chance to visit Bali Island. As a small island makes Bali was surrounded by the ocean here. But, the ocean and beautiful beaches are not the only things where you can enjoy here.

There are several challenging rivers perfect for rafting activities, you may try to find out “tempat rafting di bali” . If you wonder what the best places to visit in Bali especially for water activities, you only need to check them below.

Ayung River for water rafting

Ayung river is perfect for rafting destination for some reasons, it is pretty long around 12 kilometers. The currents are quite strong so that exploring this river can be more interesting and challenging. The view is very breathtaking since this place was surrounded by stunning rainforest.

However, this river is not highly recommended for beginners. If you are not experienced enough and want to feel the sensation here, then it is important to hire an instructor or guide to accompany you.

But, if you are professional in rafting activity, then Ayung river is one of the most challenging rivers that you will meet.

Ayung White water rafting Ubud

Pakerisan River perfect for tubing exploration

If you have visited Tampaksiring River, means that you have to see the river close this area. This river is highly recommended for the beginner who wants to try water sports or activities in Bali since there are not too challenging activities here. This river has a length around 3.4 kilometers which is not too long.

You do not have to worry since you do not have to pay more to try tubing activity here. It can be said that Pakerisan River is one of the most affordable tubing activities in Bali.

Telaga Waja River for water rafting

This river is pretty familiar even if you come from the outside part of Bali. If you are a rafting lover, then this river is something to be known. This rover offers you with challenging and great currents perfect for rafting. It flows around 16 km and makes it ideal for this water sport.

Of course, this is not the only thing that you can try here, ensure that you enjoy a stunning view while exploring the river here.

Even there are so many tour providers who offer you the water rafting packages. You should choose the best one based on your personal need when looking for “tempat rafting di bali”.

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