Stunning Rivers Recommended for Water Activities in Bali

Water activities in Bali are things that many tourists are looking for when they have a chance to visit this island. Yes, being a small island, Bali is indeed surrounded by the ocean. But the ocean and beaches are not the only things to see here. There are also some rivers that are really challenging for rafting.

So, what are the places to visit in Bali if you want to do water activities? Here is the list.

Telaga Waja Water Rafting

Telaga Waja Rafting Bali

This river is probably not familiar enough if you are coming from outside Bali. But if you are a rafting lover, Telaga Waja River is something to acknowledge. Yes, this river has a very good and challenging stream for rafting. Meanwhile, it flows for around 16 kilometers, making the river very ideal for this water activity.

Of course, it is not the only thing you can enjoy when you are in Telaga Waja River. Make sure to enjoy the scenic landscape while you are down the river.

Telaga Waja also has 3 waterfalls to pass through. They are not so high but quite refreshing if you are able to go down well. Make sure that you have an experienced tour guide to be on the bottom safely. Some rafting equipment rentals are available around so that you may not need to bring them from home.

To enjoy the Telaga White Water Rafting, you must go to Muncan Village, Karangasem Bali. There are some agencies that will accommodate you in rafting. It costs approximately USD 75 per person (publish rate).

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Ayung River Water Rafting

Ayung River rafting Bali

After Telaga Waja, we visit another river in Bali that is much recommended for water activities. Yes, it is Ayung River that is located in the river with the same name. Almost similar to Telaga Waja River, this river is appropriate for rafting for many reasons. It is long enough for around 12 kilometers.

The stream is quite fast so that going down the river can be more interesting and challenging here. Meanwhile, the scenery is really fascinating as the river is surrounded by the green tropical rainforest.

However, this best rafting in Ubud is not really recommended for beginners. If you are not experienced enough and want to feel the water of Ayung River, a guide or instructor must accompany you.

It is due to some parts of the river that is very rocky. There are risks of being fallen down and pinched between the rocks if you cannot handle it well.

Sure, if you have been an expert in rafting, Ayung River must be one of the most adventurous rivers you have ever met. To enjoy the water activity, it costs about USD 75 per person (publish rate).

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Pakerisan River for Tubing Activities

If you have visited Tampaksiring River, it means that you must have seen a river near the area. As information, Trampaksiring Palace was where the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno was living in. Although the river is located in a crowded area, the atmosphere along the tubing route is considered quiet and calming.

This river is recommended for the beginners for doing water activities in Bali since there are not so many challenges there. Meanwhile, the length is also only about 4.5 kilometers which are not too long. You should not worry since you don’t need to pay too much for tubing here. It is not exaggerating to say that Pakerisan River is one of the cheap tubing activities in Bali.

The landscape offered around is quite different from other rivers. If mostly, you can see the forest and other natural landscapes while tubing, some spots in Pakerisan River gives you the urban landscape. So, if you have a chance to visit Tampaksiring Palace in the near future and you just love water activities, you should try Pakerisan River for sure.

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Petanu River for Water Activities in Bali

Petanu River is the next place for river tubing in Bali that is well-known for the challenging stream and beautiful scenery. There are some big rocks that make your voyage using the rubber boat feel more adventurous. Interestingly, this river is not as popular as Ayung River or Telaga Waja. Therefore, the number of visitors coming to this place is fewer. It is fortunate for sure since you don’t need to wait for too long before going down the river.

The water of Petanu River is still very clean and clear. Even from above, you can see the sand and stones on the bottom. Yes, the local people very concern about the cleanliness of the water. This is something that other people must follow for sure.

Since previously, Petanu River is not intended for rafting, there are indeed not so many tour agencies that provide this package. But if you are about to visit the area of Gianyar, you can take a chance to do tubing in this river also.

Melangit River

Stunning Rivers Recommended for Water Activities in Bali 2

Melangit area also provides you a stunning landscape that must be unforgettable. The air is very cool so that the water of the river tends to have a low temperature. Despite being well-known as a place for hanging out, Melangit River is also one of the best rafting destinations in Bali.

Melangit River rafting Bali has a length of 7.5 kilometers. It is surrounded by green bushes and forests that are really calming down your mind. This river doesn’t have too many rocks and the stream is also not very hard. Sure, it means you can enjoy rafting here safely even if you are still a beginner.

The daily activities of local people can be seen while rafting. Most of them are living as farmers, sellers, and others. To reach Melangit River, you need to go to sub-district Klungkung in Bali. There are many tour agencies that offer you the Melangit Package. The prices are various but they are around USD 75 per person (publish rate). So, are you interested to do water activities in Bali?


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