Recommendations of White Water Rafting Bali

White water rafting Bali, are you interested to do it? Yes, spending a holiday in Bali is indeed a good choice. Moreover, Bali is more than just the beaches and cultures. There are still many things that need to explore including the freshwater. Some rivers in Bali are indeed well known for their white water and adventurous streams.

Therefore, if rafting is one of your favorite outdoor activities, you must take this chance when on this island. So, what are the rivers considered having the best white water for rafting? Here they are.

Ayung River Ubud Bali

Ayung River rafting Bali

There are many reasons why Ayung River that is located in Ubud becomes the best rafting spot in Bali. This river is even well-known as the icon of white water rafting on this island. First of all, the river is quite long with a length of around 12 kilometers.

Second, the stream is hard but also good for rafting while there are rocks around to make this water activity more challenging. Third, Ayung River is surrounded by the magnificent scenery of rainforest landscape to relax your mind. Based on those facts, the scores of Ayung River rafting review are always higher than any other places.

To accommodate the visitors who want to do rafting, there are many agencies that provide this place in their packages. Meanwhile, the stores and rentals for rafting tools and equipment are also widely available around.

The process of Ayung River rafting booking is very easy as well as the prices are quite friendly. If you need a recommendation, there is Sobek water rafting Bali to go for.

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Telaga Waja River, Karangasem

Telaga Waja White Water Rafting Bali

From Ubud, we now move to the sub-district of Karangasem. Yes, this area also has a river that is very good for rafting and adventuring. It is namely the Telaga Waja River. Telaga Waja is indeed always on the second rank after Ayung River in term of the best white rafting rivers in Bali.

However, both rivers are actually equal in term of quality. Even based on the Telaga Waja rafting review, this one is more challenging for the river’s length that is up to 16 kilometers. Besides, the stream is even faster to pump up your adrenaline more.

The area of Telaga Waja also provides you a very scenic landscape including forestry, paddy fields, and more. There are 3 waterfalls to see during the rafting time. although it needs more bravery to pass through the waterfalls, it will be an unforgettable experience in your lifetime.

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Melangit River, Klungkung

Recommendations of White Water Rafting Bali 1

For the beginners who don’t want to spend too much time on the river, this white water rafting activity can be chosen. It is Melangit River that is located in Sub-District Klungkung. The stream is not too fast indeed. It is even considered quite calming and necessary for you who just want to practice in rafting.

Sure, the scenery around is also very beautiful as well as the air is cool and refreshing. Since the river is in a rural area, there are not so many residences around. You can enjoy the green forests and fields along with the twitting birds.

Although Melangit River is quite far from big cities like Denpasar, this white water rafting Bali can still be simply reached. Some tour agencies even offer a trip to Melangit River and you can enjoy this water activities starting from 8 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

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Petanu River, Gianyar

Do you have no chance to go rafting on Ayung River in Bali? You should not worry since Bali still has some other white water river that should not be missed out. Yes, aside from the top 3 rivers for rafting; Ayung, Telaga Waja, and Melangit, Bali still has Petanu.

Although it is not as popular as them, Petanu River still has many criteria that make it recommended for river tubing. The route is quite long and the stream is also fast enough. On some parts, there are indeed some big rocks that are considered disturbing for the beginners. But if you are experienced enough, of course, they can make your trip even more challenging.

What makes this river special is not only about the stream of white water. Petanu River is incredibly clear. Even if it is quite deep, you can simply see the bottom of the river on the areas that are more calming and not bubbly. The local people around Petanu River indeed very concern on its cleanliness. It is expected that this river can be developed more for an attraction in Bali particularly for them who want rafting or look for the Bali River Tubing Adventure.

Unda River, Klungkung

Aside from Melangit River, Klungkung also has Unda River that is nice enough for rafting. Interestingly, the location is not too far from Telaga Waja. So, after visiting Telaga Waja or Melangit, you can go to this river for another challenge. Unda River is actually still a new rafting area. The local government is still in the effort to develop it more.

Moreover, this river indeed doesn’t have stream as big as other popular white water rivers. But if you are still a beginner who wants to feel the sensation of rafting, this one is worth to visit.

Unda River has beautiful landscape to watch while you are going down the river. It is reasonable if some tour and rafting agencies start to include it in their list. One of them is Sobek River Rafting Bali.

Penet River, Klungkung

Penet River in Klungkung is also utilized by the government and local people to attract tourists who look for a different sensation when in Bali. Similar to Unda River, it doesn’t have hard streams or other challenging things. But this is what makes Penet River unique. You can enjoy rafting in a more peaceful and calming way. Commonly, people are going here after all the adrenaline they release in Melangit River.

Penet River also has a very scenic landscape and crystal clear water. Meanwhile, on some spots, you can see the white and bubbly water particularly when the river is going down to form small waterfalls. This way, Penet River is considered one of the rivers with white water rafting Bali, especially for river tubing activities.


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