Why you love water rafting in Bali? Here Some Reasons

Water rafting in Bali can be your best activity in Bali than you only enjoy beautiful beaches in Bali. As many already know that there are some rivers in Bali which been used for the water rafting destinations. However, the river situated in Ubud becomes the favorite one among the beautiful rivers in Bali.

It was known as Ayung River located in Ubud and this river is so popular recently. One of the best considerations may come from rafting murah di bali. Thus knowing your reasons first.

This river situated in Ubud

As mentioned before that it is located in Ubud and Ayung river has been a favorite spot for water rafting in Bali. So, if you stay in Ubud or have a plan to visit Ubud, it only takes a few minutes from your hotel.

However, if you live in the south area on this island, it may take around one-hour drive. Besides that, you can choose the best and professional operator that you will use for this incredible journey.

Why you love water rafting in Bali? Here Some Reasons 2

Healing destination

Since the water is so calm here, then if you are first timer, you should not feel worried about how the water will go. You should not worry since each raft here was completed with the safety kit, basic maneuver skill and experienced tour guide will accompany you. Thus, you can enjoy your time with the calm streams here and feel happier all of the time until you finish this route.

The water rafting here is perfect for all age

As mentioned earlier that Ayung River is calmer rather than other rivers used for water rafting in Bali. That’s why this route is perfect for any age. Even you can visit this place with your kids or younger family members. Anyone who aged more than 9 years old to 65 years old can join this activity.

Amazing view 

During your rafting time, surely you enjoy the natural view anywhere. Instead of the lush rainforest here, you will see the stone walls, green rice fields, and waterfalls. Joining rafting is offering you a great opportunity to enjoy Bali from a different view. No matter what you will see during your trip here is all about the beauty of Bali Island.

Thus some reasons that you will love in Ayung River, but its highly recommended to visit other rivers in Bali if possible. Each river offers you with different experience and rafting murah di Bali.

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