Planning a Holiday? Check this Telaga Waja Rafting Review

Mention ‘Bali’ and in a flash you will get abundance idea about spending holiday there. As an island which is surrounded by water, no wonder Bali is known for its beaches and water sports.

Kuta, Dreamland, Tanjung Benoa are several familiar names in tourists’ holiday lists. However, do you know that being at the beach and doing some water sports are not the only way to get wet in Bali?

If you are planning to have a kind of outdoor activity, adrenaline pumping holiday, rafting is the answer. White water rafting Bali will no doubt offer you some unforgettable experience in life. It brings you to an adventurous and beautiful, scenic Bali view altogether in a package.

Talking about rafting in Bali, you will somehow be connected to Telaga Waja. It is one of the famous rivers in Bali due to its safety standard for rafting. Having the longest rafting track for about 16 kilometers, this river is located in Karangasem, approximately 2 hours drive from Kuta.

If you are interested to invest your time there, you’d better check this Telaga Waja rafting review below.

Telaga Waja Rafting Review

Telaga Waja becomes one of tourists’ first options to choose to go white water rafting. Obviously, it stands that way for some reasons. Most people go to Telaga Waja by considering some aspects such as the beauty of its water, panoramic view, length of the river, access to the river and so on.

To be specific, below are some reviews concerning Telaga Waja as a white water rafting destination.

Telaga Waja Rafting Bali

The Water

The beauty of its crystal-clear water has become the top of Telaga Waja rafting review. It amuses so many people who come there. Flowing below the Mount Agung, the tallest mountain on the island, the freshness of the water is unquestionable.

Access to the River

It has easy access to reach the river from the lobby. If you are looking for a rafting destination yet you don’t feel like passing through millions of stairs, Telaga Waja is the exact option to take.

The River

Having the longest rafting track, it will take you 2.5 up to 3 hours to travel along the river. Most of Telaga Waja rafting review says that it costs you a very good stamina to take the journey through this river.

The View

There is a very beneficial bonus for you to go rafting here; a heavenly view. Outstanding panorama of mountains, cliffs, rice fields and more will entertain your eyes while cruising downstream the river.

So, are you ready for some splash? Have you made your decision of where to go? Having an out of the box holiday by water rafting in Telaga Waja can be your best experience ever.


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