Get Some Fun from Bali Ubud Ayung River Rafting

Bali Ubud Ayung River Rafting is a fun adventure package that can be paired with other Bali vacation destinations. For one day, the entire package is designed.

Based on the operator you pick, you will be experiencing a bunch of beauties of nature during your Bali rafting trip. Ayung River is good when it comes to rafting for those who want to get some fun and a little adventure.

Ayung River has its own fans, even though the place is a little far from Legian or Seminyak, or other tourist centres.

Ayung Rafting Highlights

You will get pick-up service and buffet lunch after a rafting journey for each package you have purchased. This tour, besides, will allow you to experience Bali’s best adventure, as you see waterfalls, lush rain forests and awe-inspiring gorge. We must note that during the course of the ride, Ayung provides bumpy roads, making the trip more exciting.

Even if you can enjoy the family trip, Ayung Rafting is better suited for river rafting in Bali.

Nonetheless, you are good to go as long as you are over 7 years of age and under 65 years of age. Together with extra private tour service across Ubud, you will also get personal insurance coverage.

The inclusions and the cost

The Ayung River rafting price is quite varied. The operator you pick depends on.

Sobek Rafting Bali, for instance, offers an adult a published price of USD 79 and a child a price of USD 52. You should reserve for at least two people and after all, you’ll get a great deals when you book for a group.

A guide will pick you up and return you to the hotel or transfers, as we mentioned earlier. Other than that, you’ll have safety gear and rafting equipment.

river rafting in bali
Ayung river rafting

You will be given a warm drink and a clean towel. You’ll learn some basic skills like paddling and other skills taught by the professional before you start the journey. Upon completing the trip, you can shower and change your clothes. Don’t worry, you’ll also get a fun lunch buffet.

Another fun thing is that with a private tour you can go around Ubud.

You need to bring your own swimsuit, clothes, hat or cap for sunscreen, sandals for paddling, cash, and waterproof camera. If you don’t have a waterproof camera, you can use a waterproof transparent bag to cover your camera or gadget to enjoy the entire Bali Ubud Ayung river rafting trip.

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