Extraordinary Adventure in Bali River Tubing!

Are you tired and want to get out of saturated daily activities?

Or are you very bored and need new to restore your mood? If so, this one outdoor water play activity in Bali that you must try!

Water tourism is indeed one of the best offers by Bali. If you are a fan of white water rafting Bali, then you should try the river tubing adventure!

1. Challenging!

If the moment of rafting is usually shared with a group of people, in the same rubber boat Bali river tubing adventure will be very different! You will be impressed by the experience which you will not get at water rafting activities.

Here you will enjoy the atmosphere of the river crashing in one tube that has been equipped with security and safety. But do not worry, for those of you who have just tried the first time, it also provides a safe tube for two people, so you can explore the river with the companionship of the professionals!

It’s so fun and challenging because this time you take responsibility on your own!

Extraordinary Adventure in Bali River Tubing! 2

2. Very Fun!

Bali river tubing adventure provides different variations with other water rides. Even though your adrenaline will go up and down but tubing also can give you a moment to relax.

People say that the Bali river tubing adventure gives an opportunity for you to get your “me time”, suitable for those who really want to escape from tiring work. Shhh … this is also fits for those of you who want to have a fun time with a special partner.

Both of you can walk along the river together while playing, chatting, and enjoying Bali’s natural scenery.

3. Wandering and Learning

Enjoying approximately 1.5 hours in the Bali river gives you a lot of experience. Chill out with green panorama, calmed and relaxed environment. Not only that in this tubing activity you can also be accompanied by professional crews, who will spoil you with interesting stories about Bali and the rivers. Your journey will not be wasted yet gain you much new knowledge and joy.

4. Safety is the main thing

The tubing adventure can be done for beginners, don’t worry. All activity equipment is secure and certified. The crew members also always guide and carry out so you will be happy and stay safe!

Don’t think much, let’s try the tubing experience in Bali river on Ayung, Pakerisan or Penet river!

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