Exploring Ayung River Water Rafting

Ayung River water rafting in Ubud is one of several rafting spots available in Bali. Some people prefer this water rafting because they can see stunning scenery along the route. Other than that, this activity pumps the adrenaline without you knowing it. In this article, we will show you why you need to purchase this holiday package.

The Highlight

Ayung River water rafting in Ubud will take you to finish a more-than-5-kilometers route in a group. Purchasing our holiday package will allow you to get a hotel pickup service and a tasty buffet lunch. During the rafting, you can also see the lush rain forest, stunning gorges, and waterfalls.

You will be accompanied by a professional guide and equipped with the best tools in the business. Anyone between 7 years and 65 years old can join this activity. We also provide insurance coverage considering this is one of the dangerous water activities in Bali.

Exploring Ayung River Water Rafting 2

The Holiday Package

There are three types of packages we offer to you. The first option will require you to pay for USD 22 per adult and USD 20 per kid. You will get the whole holiday facilities but you should prepare for your transport. If you want something more convenient, you can try the second option. You can pay for USD 25 per adult and USD 23 per kid while you will also get a sharing car service.

If you want all the convenience for you, we have the third option. By paying for USD 35 per adult and USD 30 per kid, you can get a private car service along with all facilities during the rafting. We only accept online payment or through a credit card.

Please note also, the prices are subject to change without prior notice.

What to Prepare

Even though our team will prepare and provide several things for you, you need to bring your necessities. Swimsuit or short pants are recommended to bring and do not forget to bring your dry clothes. It is also important to wear sunscreen every time considering the sun in Bali is so dangerous.

It will be great if you have an insect repellent in your back along with sandals or rubber shoes. If you want to take some snaps, a small camera is recommended. Besides, do not forget to bring enough cash in case you need to purchase some optional stuff. You can get a better deal if you purchase the holiday package in many numbers or for groups for the Ayung River water rafting.

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