Things to Know about Ayung River Rafting Price and Conditions

What is Ayung River rafting price? Well, Bali is not only about beaches and cultural tourism. There are many places to be visited when you are on the island including the rivers. Ayung River is indeed one of the most popular 3 rivers in Bali for rafting. The others are Telaga Waja in Karangasem and Melangit in Klungkung. Ayung River itself is located in Ubud which means that it is near some other tourist objects in Bali.

Conditions of Ayung River

The river is known as the white water rafting Ubud. The location is only 10 kilometers from the center of Ubud’s tourism including Ubud Castle and traditional market. Since all of them are almost in the same location, you don’t need to spend too much time on the way while visiting one from another. The river itself is still crystal clear. It is surrounded by green forests and bushes, making the area very refreshing to release your stress.

In the river area, some interesting spots are available including the magnificent waterfalls. A spot cliff with a height of 4 km is also there where you can jump and splash in the water. If you are interested to take a rest for a while, villas are established around with various classes and prices.

water rafting bali ubud

The Price of Ayung River Rafting

Ayung River rafting price is around USD 50 per person. But it can be varied depending on the providers and tour agencies. Commonly, if you are making order online long before the D-day, some discounts are available. You can also get a cheaper price by taking a tour package in which Ayung River rafting is one of the spot to be visited. So, if you are interested in it, determine the date starting from now. Then, book it.

Things to Prepare

Before your trip to Ayung River, it is recommended to prepare all the tools and equipment from home. If rafting is your hobby, it must not a big deal for you. You can actually also rent the tools from the stalls provided in the river area. However, it is important to be careful and picky since the prices can be very expensive.

The equipment is as follows; clothes for rafting, sun cream or sunblock, strappy sandals especially designed for water sports, and cash money to buy some snacks. Rafting in Ayung is good for everyone. It is recreational so that even the beginners are allowed to do it there. So, this is all the information about Ayung River rafting price.

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