Bali Adventure Rafting Ubud – Ayung Rafting

Bali adventure rafting Ubud in Ayung River would give you the best rafting experience during the dry season. Besides, you can enjoy the whole route and track with your family for some recreational activities. Other than rafting, you will also witness the stunning nature along you go with the inflatable tub.

Ayung River

Ayung River has gotten its popularity due to its rapids are various and you can enjoy it with your kids. Since Bali adventure rafting Ubud is one of the most favorite activities for tourists who came to Bali, nowadays you can choose the operator that will accompany you until the journey is over. The water is clean and fresh yet can be swum across as long as your guide allows it.

We will always remind you that following the instructions from your guide is very essential. Other than the guide is a professional, this person is the only one who knows the route and anything about it.

Bali Adventure Rafting Ubud – Ayung Rafting 2

Price and Inclusions

The price you should pay for river rafting in Bali includes several things. Depending on the operator you chose over, it costs IDR 800K for adult and IDR 570K for kids. There is also a family package for IDR 2,450K that will cover two adults and three kids. If you purchase per person price, you might need to book for at least two persons.

The price you will pay includes the picking up and drop off to your hotel, welcome drink, and buffet lunch. It also covers safety gear, rafting guide, towels and showers, toilet and changing room, water-resistant bag, locker, insurance, and service taxes.

On the other hand, you need to prepare and bring a swimsuit or rafting T-shirt and pants with river sandals on your own. Do not forget to bring and wear your sunscreen for protection. Having plastic bags in your bag would be a good idea too.

If you book for a group, you will typically get a better deal compared to if you book for two persons. Other than that, if you bring valuable goods, you can talk to the guide and the guide will bring it for you inside a water-resistant bag. The guide will also take pictures of you during the trip so it would be really fun. Make sure you are not pregnant, have no heart issue or respiratory problems, sinus, infection, or claustrophobia. And this is the end section of Bali adventure rafting Ubud.

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