Recommended White Water Rafting Places from Kuta, Bali

Water sports in Bali are the favorite activity of many tourists. Not only scuba diving or snorkeling, but white water rafting from Kuta is also popular water activity in this paradise island.

There are some recommended places in Bali for safe and comfortable rafting. Supported by proper facilities and professional guides, these places offer you a fun and secure rafting activity.

White Water Rafting from Kuta: Telaga Waja River

For you who wish for challenging rafting, Telaga Waja rafting Bali is a perfect choice. The difficulty level of Telaga Waja river is at 2 to 4 scale with the length of the rafting track is around 18 Km. The water is crystal clear because it comes from the spring in Mount Agung.

The cascades in Telaga Waja river are around 5m height, triggering your adrenaline. Along the river, you will be able to enjoy the fantastic view of the natural and untouched valley and rice field. You can also see the outstanding view of Mount Agung from a far.

Recommended White Water Rafting Places from Kuta, Bali 2

White Water Rafting from Kuta: Melangit River

The next recommended place for white water rafting Kuta is Melangit river. Melangit river is suitable for you who want to do rafting with your kids. The length of Melangit river rafting track is only 7.5 Km with the difficulty level is at 1 to 3 scale.

While rafting, you will be able to enjoy the high cliffs which surround the river. Besides rafting, you can also do other fun activities in this place, such as riding an ATV, riding an elephant, and many more.

Ayung River

Ayung river is a popular river for rafting because this place is the pioneer for rafting activity in Bali. Ayung river is near Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, and Ubud. It is a quite unique river. When you are rafting in this Ayung river, you will through several waterfalls. The relief of Ramayana is beautifully carved on the walls of the cliffs.

The difficulty level of Ayung river is at 2 to 3 grade so that the river flow is calmer than Telaga Waja river. This river is also suitable for beginners in rafting. The length of the rafting track is around 10 Km so that you will need about 2 hours to reach the finish point.

Those are the recommended places for white water rafting from Kuta, Bali. Each place has its own uniqueness and incredible views to offer. So, which place are you interested to try?

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