Tips for Rafting di Bali Ubud

Rafting offers its own excitement when you are trying to win the river waves and cascades. This water activity is very suitable for adrenaline junkies. But for those who are not, you should try it at least once in a lifetime.

For you who love rafting, make sure you spare your times to do rafting di Bali Ubud. There is the best place for rafting in Ubud that is named Ayung river. Ayung river is one of the most popular rivers in Bali for rafting besides Telaga Waja rafting Bali.

If you are planning to do this water activity, here are the tips that you can follow for your comfort and safety.

Rafting Bali Ubud Tips: Follow What the Rafting Instructor Says

When you are rafting, always follow the instructions given by the rafting instructor. Follow their instructions when they say to start rowing or stop rowing. When your inflatable boat hit river stones, hold tight to the ropes and crouch down.

Ayung River rafting Bali

Rafting di Bali Ubud Tips: Save Your Valuable Goods

The next tip for rafting Bali Ubud is saving your precious items. You are not suggested to wear any jewelry or bring your gadgets. You are suggested to save them in a deposit box provided by the rafting operator or you can also save your precious goods in a dry bag.

However, there is still a possibility that you probably lose your dry bag, especially if the river has a big river flow. So, the first option is suggested.

Do not be Panicked

When you fall from the inflatable boat, do not be panicked. You already wear a life jacket. So, lay down on your back and use your hands to control yourself. There will always be lifeguards who will save you. If the river flow is not really heavy, you can swim to reach the riverside. Fortunately, Ayung river is really safe for beginners or those who try rafting for the very first time. It is because the difficulty level of Ayung river is at 2 to 3 scale.

Hold the Paddle

The first time you are on the inflatable boat, the rafting instructor will brief you about how to hold the paddle. Try to tightly hold the top part of the paddle with one hand and another hand holds half of inch part of the paddle.

Those are the tips for rafting in Bali Ubud for your safety.

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