Sobek Water Rafting in Ubud

For you who are planning to spend your holiday in Bali, there are definitely a lot of fun things that you can do. Among those many fun things to do, do not miss to try Bali water sports, such as rafting. This island of gods has 3 popular rivers for rafting, one of them Ayung river.

Ayung river is the most famous river for water rafting in Ubud, Bali. And one of the Bali rafting providers is Bali Sobek rafting.

About Bali Sobek Water Rafting in Ubud

Bali Sobek rafting is very famous as the best rafting operator in Bali. This operator is the pioneer of rafting tourism in Bali. Moreover, Bali Sobek adventure has 100% safety and comfort record until now. With Bali Sobek adventure, you can enjoy rafting in 2 rivers, which are Ayung river and Telaga Waja river.

For you who prefer water rafting in Ubud, Ayung river is the one for you. Bali Sobek rafting is also known for their affordable rafting price. So that for you who have a tight budget, you can try their service.

ayung river rafting price

Ayung River Water Rafting in Ubud with Bali Sobek

Ubud has a very suitable and proper river for rafting named Ayung river. For you who are scared of rafting, Bali Sobek adventure has 100% safety record so that you can rely on this rafting operator.

Ayung river is in the II-III class of difficulty level. It means that this river is suitable for beginners or those who try rafting for the first time. If you want a more challenging river, you can choose Telaga Waja rafting Bali. With around 12 Km track, you will spend around 2 hours enjoying the waves and scenery of Ayung river.

Only 4 persons are allowed in one inflatable boat. And one inflatable boat will be accompanied by one instructor from Bali Sobek rafting. If one inflatable boat accommodates more than 4 persons, the boat will be heavy and hard to control. It is surely not safe.

All of the rafting guides of Bali Sobek already passed the security and rafting activity safety program. They already passed the program which consists of Australian safety standards of white water, swift program water rescue, and also white water safety standards by American Affiliation.

So, your safety can be ensured if you do water rafting in Ubud with Bali Sobek. If you are an international visitor, you need to spend USD 50 per person for rafting in Ayung river.


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