Try Water Rafting in Ubud, Bali

For you who love adventures and water sports, make sure you do not miss rafting when you are traveling to Bali, Indonesia. Rafting is one of the most famous and most favorite water sports in Bali for both local tourists and foreign tourists.

So, where is the best place on this island of gods for rafting? The answer is in Ubud. Water rafting Ubud Bali is very popular. There is a river in Ubud named Ayung river which is one of the best places for rafting.

Water Rafting Ubud Bali in Ayung River

There are actually many rivers in Bali. However, not all of them are suitable for recreational rafting. There are several criteria that must be fulfilled. Such as the river must be safe for beginners in rafting, must have natural scenery, and the location is not far away from the tourist attractions in south Bali.

Based on those criteria, Ayung river rafting Bali is the most suitable one. Because Ayung river is located in Ubud, this water rafting Ubud Bali is near popular tourist destinations there, such as monkey forest and Tegalalang rice field.

You do not have to be worried about the facilities. There are so many hotels and restaurants available near Ayung river. From the affordable ones until the fancy ones. It is also easy to find transportation in the area. You can easily find a taxi or you can also rent cars or motorcycles to reach the rafting location.

Try Water Rafting in Ubud, Bali 2

The Itinerary Water Rafting Ubud Bali in Ayung River

Once you have reached the starting point location, the water rafting Ubud Bali in Ayung river will be directly started. You will be briefed by the professional and well-trained rafting instructors. They will introduce you to rafting equipment that will be used, such as life jackets, inflatable boats, paddles, how to sit on the boat, and how to save yourself when the boat is upside down.

The instructors will also explain other things related to the safety and comfort for the rafting participants. You will spend approximately 2 hours and through 12 Km distance to do rafting in Ayung river.

For 2 hours, you will be able to enjoy the adventure as well as the outstanding natural view in Ayung river. You can also see the typical Balinese carvings in the river walls. After that, you will end the adventure at the finish point. A rest area, bathrooms, changing rooms, and towels are available there.

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