How Much Do You Have to Spend for Bali Water Activities?

There are a lot of fun holiday activities that you can do in Bali, Indonesia. But the most popular and most preferred by tourists is Bali water activities or water sports. Bali has a bunch of the best places to do water activities, one of them is Tanjung Benoa. Bali water activities price depends on the place and type of water activities you do.

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Bali Water Activities Price in Tanjung Benoa

There are at least 13 different water sports that you can do in Tanjung Benoa beach, Bali. Bali water activities price in Tanjung Benoa is charged per person for each water sport. Only a package of glass-bottom boat and turtle island that is charged per boat, where one boat is for maximum 10 persons.

Tanjung Benoa beach
Tanjung Benoa beach Bali

So, here is the price for some Bali water sports when we made this article. Prices may change at any time. Banana boat costs IDR 70.000 or around $4.99, parasailing costs IDR 80.000 or around $5.71, jetski costs IDR 150.000 or around $10.71, sea walker priced at IDR 350.000 or around $24.99, scuba diving priced at IDR 300.000 or around $21.42, snorkeling costs IDR 150.000 or $10.71, flyboard priced at IDR 550.000 or around $39.27, wakeboard and waterski each costs IDR 250.000 or around $17.85, and a package of glass-bottom boat to visit turtle island priced at IDR 350.000 or $24.99 per boat.

If you are looking for rafting, Tanjung Benoa is not a suitable place to do this water sport. You are suggested to do Ayung river rafting Bali.

Bali has quite many rivers, but not all of them are suitable for rafting. For now, you can do rafting only in 3 rives in Bali, one of them is Ayung river. This river is located in Ubud.

How Much Do You Have to Spend for Bali Water Activities? 2

You will ride an inflatable boat with a capacity of 4 persons or the one with 6 persons capacity. There will be one rafting instructor in one boat. You will have your adventure enjoying Ayung river for around 2 hours and you will through about 12 Km distance.

How to Get Affordable Bali Water Activities Price

If you think that Bali water activities price mentioned above is too expensive, you can book an online Bali water sport package instead of buying the ticket on the spot to get the cheaper one. This is the best way to get an affordable price for Bali water activities. By ordering online ticket, you will avoid the published price.

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